Funny Lawyer Videos

Hilarious videos of lawyers doing unintentionally funny things and generally making fools of themselves. Here are my all time favorites.

Funny Lawyer Videos

I Am Not A Cat!

My first reaction when I saw this video was that it must be fake. What were the odds that a lawyer would show up in court disguised as a cat thanks to an errant cat-filter, and then suggest that they proceed with the virtual hearing anyway, after pedantically explaining that he was not in fact a cat. As if talking lawyer-cats were a common occurrence. But Apparently this was real, and the humiliating and unintentional gaff was not staged, which makes it funnier than any skit.

Don't Lecture Me Puppy!!

In this video we go from cute and friendly cats to obnxious behavior between lawyers objecting about questions to a witness. One lawyer get's hilariously mad, and when the other lawyer calmly points out his lack of professionalism and breach of the rules, the angry lawyer gets even angrier and finally telling the other lawyer "Don't lecture me puppy!" It only gets worse from there. All the while the witness is experiencing first hand why people hate lawyers.

The defedant's were sanctioned about 1.6 million dollars and other evidentiary penalties for misconduct in the depositions and discovery process. I am not sure if this incident olayed a part in that decision, but I doubt it endeered the defendants with the Court.

Old Lawyers Fight!

In yet another unintentionally funny video, a bunch of crotechety old lawyers get into a pissing match and then get really mad. Nothing gets accomplished except the clients' wallets get lighter.